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Our aim is to provide a professional, efficient and friendly service to all our clients.


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At Morgan Elis Solicitors we believe that everyone should have a Will drafted by a professional. That’s why we offer a comprehensive but competitively priced Will writing service. No matter how complicated your Will our legal professionals are at hand to ensure that your wishes are satisfied and your loved ones safeguarded. It is also important to keep your Will updated especially if you have had children, inherited money or property, married or separated. Making a Will is simple at Morgan Elis all you have to do is meet with one of our professionals and a draft Will will be produced for your approval within a week. If you would like any further information on making a Will please contact us today.



Probate & Estate Administration


Dealing with an Estate can be an extremely complex and time consuming undertaking for an Executor. Morgan Elis have a specialist Lawyer at hand to help guide you through the Administration of an Estate from obtaining the Grant of Probate to the distribution of assets and legacies. Call Morgan Elis today to see how we can assist you with the Administration of an Estate or Trust.

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